Open the JourneyApps Container programmatically


Is it possible to open a JourneyApps container programmatically from another app or even a different JourneyApps container installed on the same device?


This can be done by using the specific container’s URL scheme. You can call this URL directly from Code (JS, Ruby, etc.), HTML (using a <a href="" /> tag) or from a JourneyApps container using JS/TS.

Unfortunately it is not possible to call these from a link in an email as most email clients remove these kinds of custom URL links. For an example of how you can include a link in an email please see this related post

Below are examples of how to open a JourneyApps container from another JourneyApps container.

function openJourneyContainer() {
    // to open the Vanilla JourneyApps container (iOS, Android, Desktop) we use the 'journeyapps' URL scheme
    return external.uri('journeyapps:///')

    // to open the JourneyApps web container, we simply open the full web URL, e.g.
    return external.uri('')

    // to open a custom container we use the URL scheme of the custom container
    return external.uri('com.acme.fieldsales.testing:///')
    // or for windows (Windows does not like dots in the URL scheme
    return external.uri('acmefieldsalestesting:///')

To get the URL scheme of a container that you are using simply reach out to our support team via