QR Code Opens Specific View

Basically the title. Is there some link format that could be used to open a branded Journey Apps mobile container on iOS/Android while also passing in details to open a specific view with specific params?

E.g. I know in Oxide, there’s a link that opens the default container with my deployment loaded:


Can I pass and receive additional parameters here to parse on opening the app? Is there an example of this somewhere?

Hi @fthomas

Unfortunately it is not possible to deep link to a specific view using the URL schemes - please suggest the idea on our Public Roadmap

Deep linking / URL schemes can be used to open the container programmatically, from another container or a different app, and you can optionally pass in a valid Enrollment link to re-enroll the container.

For more on enrolling / re-enrolling using custom URLs please see this post

A typical use case for the type of navigation you want to do would be to have a user easily “action some new incident that is assigned to the user”. For this use case we have seen a reasonable workaround by implementing an automatic navigation from the main view (from both init() and resume()) if a specific field (usually a belongs-to relationship) on the user object is set. The navigation takes the user to a view where they can execute the relevant action(s). An alternative, less “invasive” approach is to provide a highly visible list of “To Do” items at the top of the main view - with quick ‘access’ to the necessary / relevant actions. I hope this makes sense.

If not, please feel free to create a follow-up post explaining your desired workflow and asking for suggestions on how this can be accomplished