Web Container Deep Link

Is it possible, and if so how, to have a deep link open a web container version of an app?

Use-case: a user doesn’t have an app container on their device, but rather uses the web container of the app. We would like to have the flexibility, that if a user clicks on a deep link, it would ask if they want to open the app and if not, then open in the web container.

Or some similar functionality.

@gjeremenko You can serve up a webpage with two buttons, one that links to the app and another that links to the web container.

Unfortunately since the URL schemes for the two are completely different there isn’t a way for the OS to automatically know which to redirect to, and as such you will need to handle this yourself

So imagine that webpage that is rendered when you join a Zoom call or a Teams call …

Ok. How do we deep link into a web container?

Hi @gjeremenko

Unfortunately you cannot deeplink into a web container, see official documentation here.

That said, you can open the web-container and enroll into a web-container by using the normal URL of the web-container as the URL scheme.