How do I open an external app?

How do we open a built in android apps from Journeyapps?

This is possible on both Android and iOS using external in your view JS. Some examples here:


I tried to do this, but with the SoftSpot app on android. This app isn’t availible in the play store, its built in by Datalogic.

@JoshArtrip Ah yes, the docs I sent were for built in android apps. For custom apps, you will need to find out what the URL handler is for this app. This might be something like softspot:// . Once you know this, you can use external.uri('softspot://')

@JoshArtrip you can try some values in Chrome for Android. So basically on the Datalogic device, type in softspot:// into the Chrome address bar and see if it launches the app. You can try various things to see if you can reverse engineer it, or you can contact Datalogic directly and they will tell you.