Update Container

How can our users update their container version to the latest if the PlayStore doesnt allow them to do so, without having them re-enroll again?

Automatic updating of the Mobile (iOS and Android) Containers (which is a combination of downloading a newer container and then automatically installing that download) is only possible via PlayStore, AppStore or via private MDM (e.g. InTune, Miradore, SOTI, etc.)

If your container is not being distributed via one of the above mentioned channels then your users will need to download and install the new containers themselves. That said, it is possible to help them with the download process by providing them with the download link / URL in your app.

For example:

<button label="Get the latest Container" on-press="downloadContainer" icon="fa-download" />
function downloadContainer() {
  // OPTIONAL: First check if user has latest version
  var latestVersion = "21.11.1"; // best to store this in a config DB Object that you can change without updating the code
  if (journey.container.version === latestVersion) {
    return notification.error("Your container is already up to date");

  // either hardcode the URL or pull it from the DB by storing it in a config object
  var url = "https://appinstall-xyz.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/builds/production/618b75d576f38902bcadecec-32312/JourneyApps-21.11.1.apk"

  // open the specified URL
  return external.uri(url);

If your users are using the Vanilla JourneyApps Container available via the PlayStore then they should be able to use the PlayStore’s built-in Automatic Update functionality.

If this is not the case please send a support ticket to support@journeyapps.com with details about the error, device make and model, Android version, and the container version already on the device. You can also just double check that the user’s date and time is correct and that they have an active Google account that is able to download and install apps from the PlayStore

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