Get user container version


I am looking for the container version which each user in my backend is enrolled on.
I am able to get a hold of the runtime version though the API (…/objects/user.json) or looking at the devices in the backed, but i cannot find where i can see the container version.

I need to be able to access both the container version and runtime version the user is enrolled on.

Please assist.

Thank you

@george-duplessis I don’t think you are able to access this automatically via the API. You are however able to access this programmatically on the device:

journey.runtime was introduced with version 4.75.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime. You could do a simple check in the init of your main view and then store this value on the user object, from where you could retrieve it via the API.

Thanks David,

Ideally we would like to access this though the API so we dont have to go and backwards update all the applications to contain this code.
Is it on Journey’s roadmap to expose the container type on the API or backend?
Similar to the runtime version (labeled as container version) gets exposed at the moment.


@george-duplessis makes a lot of sense. I don’t see it on the roadmap, would you please add it here: