Language Translations

How do I import the yaml file onto Oxide and activate it for the app?
The previous IDE was able to do it.

You should be able to simply fire the “Add language” action in OXIDE, which initializes a .yml file for the language. You can then add its content directly via OXIDE. Please see this post for more info.

The language I want to add is not on the list. I want to add Polish

That’s correct - Polish is not currently supported in JourneyApps. Please see here for a list of supported languages.

You can visit our public roadmap and submit an idea for supporting Polish as another language option.

Why can’t we use the language option on Oxide to create unsupported languages translations when we have the yaml file with all the words translated? I need to report to management why we can’t translate to other languages on the app

Hi @sisa-zaza ,

The short answer is that for an app (from the perspective of an app user), there are multiple parts that need translating, not only the app code.

Here’s some more information for you. These are all the parts that need translating to make a completely translated app:

  1. The container and runtime (i.e. the standard parts of JourneyApps that aren’t configurable, e.g. the diagnostics and about views, login screens and more)
  2. The app source code (i.e. what you’d use the YML files for)
  3. The app data itself (applicable in many cases, but not all)

As a developer you have control over (2) and (3). That said, if you only have (2) + (3) in Polish (as an example), but the container and runtime are still in some other language, that poses some problems for the users, because the app will not be 100% Polish for them.

That is the main reasoning for not allowing translations for languages not yet supported on the container / runtime. If you don’t think that it is a problem if the app is presented as part Polish and part other language, then please let us know, because that might open up some potential options.

I hope that makes sense? In any event I want to say thanks for your feedback, since this helps us to improve JourneyApps.

Hi Machiel,

We have (2) + (3) in Polish for the benefit of the frontend and this was done manually because we werent able to load the yaml file on the app.

The inconsistency of the languages is actually a problem for the app user. We did add this desired functionality to the roadmap but it doesnt seem to show.

Isnt there a way that we can have this done? Do I need to log a support ticket to escalate it?

Hi Bernita,

When you submit an idea, how can we track it? And what steps are in place after an idea has been submitted.

Hi @sisa-zaza, once an idea is submitted our product team reviews and processes it. Generally when an idea is under consideration to be implemented it will be added to the public roadmap where it can be tracked. The public roadmap does not necessarily contain all ideas that are being considered, but it will contain the main ones.

If there is a particular idea that you want to check in on, or raise the urgency for, then you can reach to your account manager. Please provide as much detail as possible, as this will ensure that your idea or request is actioned accurately.

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