link vs. navigate and migrating syntax

I am using link to navigate my app currently, but I see there is an advanced navigate paradigm available.

When should I use e.g.: navigate.clear or navigate.replace ? Do these provide some benefit over link syntax and how should I determine whether to implement this on an existing app?

Both navigate.clear and navigate.replace aim to reduce the input needed to navigate back to the user's desired destination.

  • navigate.clear completely clears the view stack and navigates to the specified destination
  • navigate.replace is very well suited for non-linear flows, as it does not build up a history in the view stack

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If the application is currently using link, is it okay to start using navigate in the same app without changing all existing links or will that cause problems?

link and navigate are interchangeable, so you should be able to incrementally start using navigate without any issues!

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