How to clear the stack to a certain view

Is it possible to make a clearing of View Stack to a certain view which was open in the past?
For example, there is a stack A → B → C → D → E → F and I want with one step get back right away to C (so, the newer View Stack state will be like that A → B → C).

To achieve this you could use the navigate.replace("path") function.
Please see this section of the documentation for further details on replace and other view navigation functions.

Yes, I read the documentation before I posted that question.

For example: A → B ⇌ C will result in [A, C]on the view stack. A → B ⇌ C ⇌ D ⇌ B will result in[A, B] on the view stack.
As I understand that function, replace replaces only last view. But I need to go forward and only if a condition is true, then jumps on some of previous views.

A → B → C → D → E → F
click on back, some condition is true
then… A → B → C
else… just dismiss to A → B → C → D → E

I can’t use clear, because it will be just C after that, but I need to have A → B → C.

navigate.dismiss(A) is what you are looking for @khilda