Oplog - Query Parameters

Dear All

We have a bit of a unique situation and after reviewing some 20 000 entries in the oplog for a particular instance I am hoping that there is a simple way that I have missed to pass in the desired operation as a parameter in the get request.


From the docs, the parameters supported are start (sequence), end (sequence) and limit.

In our use case we are only looking for delete operations, something akin to :


Is this at all possible.

Best regards

@matthew Unfortunately, at time of writing, it is not possible to query/filter the Oplog API - outside of specifying a start and/or end sequence number.

But we have received this request before and so we will add your voice to the feature request and hopefully we will be able to extend the Oplog API functionality at a future date

Dear Tielman

For the sake of nostalgia, “Dankie Baie”.

It would certainly make searching for any rogue actions a lot easier is we had a couple of extra query parameter options.

Agreed! We are also working on exposing the Audit Logs as an API - which may solve the same problem (ie identify rogue DB operations, if in a different way from the Oplog)