Query with "in" operator

I want to make a request using array of ids thought “in” operator, which is described in the documentation ( https://docs.journeyapps.com/reference/container/accessing-the-database/querying-db-objects ). Like this (ids is an array with ids):

DB.company.where('id in ?', ids).orderBy('name')

But I receive an alert with an error (Expected one of [">=",…,“starts-with”,“contains”]). And there is no “in” operation among those.
Please help me to understand there is the problem. Thank you!

The in operator is a new feature - it is currently only available starting in version 4.77.0-beta+1 of the runtime.

Note: To select a beta runtime version in OXIDE, you need to disable the “Only show stable runtime versions” setting in the IDE settings.

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I changed the version and it works, thanks!