Sending Emails from JourneyApps

To send emails programmatically from a JourneyApps application, you will need to make use of a third party service such as Nodemailer or SendGrid.

I have included a basic CloudCode implementation below, which can be extended on to generate dynamic emails to send to end users.

const sgHelper = require('@sendgrid/mail');
const handlebars =  require('handlebars'); 

sgHelper.setApiKey(""); // Add SendGrid API Key here

export async function run() {
    let recipient = ''; // Add email here 
    let message = 'This is a test email.'; 

    await sendEmail(recipient, message)

async function sendEmail(recipient, message){
    const emailTemplate = handlebars.compile(`
        <!DOCTYPE html>
        <p>Hi {{recipient}}</p>
        <p>Test User</p>

    let _data = {
        recipient: recipient,
        message: message

    // Generate an HTML email, using handlebars again
    let html = emailTemplate(_data);

    let email = {
        from: '', // Add the from email here
        to: recipient,
        subject: 'Your subject here',
        html: html

    try {
        await sgHelper.send(email); 
    } catch(error){
        throw error; 

Please note that for the SendGrid example provided, you must supply your own SendGrid API Key.