Sharing Common Data Across Apps

Is there an in-built way to share data across multiple apps?

Our situation: we have some data (such as employees, projects, vendors, clients, etc.), which is common across all our apps.

Currently, each app has a unique instance of each piece of this data, each with its own unique GUID.

Is it possible for us to sync the same data across multiple apps, while retaining the same GUID for the same piece of data in each app?.. Meaning: “Item A” will have one, same GUID, regardless of the number of apps to which it is synced.

This has helped us in the past:

Not sure if it will retain the same GUID though.

EDIT: Seems like it does. Per the documentation:

Confirming that there is no built-in way to share data across multiple apps. You may also consider using a standalone backend instance which is shared with other apps. Each app can create new records or pull in the data via CloudCode.