Is there a way to use credentials across multiple apps using the same company ID?


We have multiple apps using the same Company ID. We would like to be able to differentiate which app we want to use by using the vanilla container? Is this possible?

For example, we have our “A” app using “TEAMIM” as the company ID. If we were to add this to our “B” app, when logging in, it would just login to the A app instead of B app, right?

Hi Alex

If you need to use the vanilla container, then this is only possible when using JourneyApps internal user management system (aka “Loggy”), not via SSO. With SSO you need to use different custom containers to differentiate between different apps and app backends.

Each “Loggy” user account can be associated with one or more app backends (and by associated different apps). If the account is only associated with 1 app backend, then upon login the user will automatically be enrolled into that app backend. However, if the account is associated with more than one app backend then upon successfully login the user will be presented with a list of app backends to choose from before attempting the enrollment process.

I hope this makes sense