What are all the different ways you can enroll to an app, and what are the differences?

What are all the different ways you can enroll to an app, and what are the differences?

End-users can enroll into apps in multiple ways:

  • Using your company's SSO system. This is the preferred way to enroll. Contact support@journeyapps.com to configure SSO for your application.
  • Users on Android can enroll using barcodes - these barcodes can be generated in the backend data browser if your app has not been configured for SSO
  • If you do not have an SSO system available, it's recommended that you create one - there are many products available for this such as Auth0
  • Failing all of the above, it's possible to use JourneyApps' built-in username/password system. You can do this via the Backend Databrowser:
    • Click on the user object that you want to generate a username/password for
    • On the object properties, click "Link Account"
    • Follow the prompts

Developers can also enroll into apps in the Testing environment by hovering over the "Test App" link in the App Editor.

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We have a problem of new users enrolling and accidentally using the generic ‘Journey’ Windows app because the enrolment URLs which the API generates directs the users to download and enroll using the Journey App when we would prefer to have them use our own custom build container. How can we ensure this?

The workaround we are doing is by stating in the email, “please download our ABC container first and DO NOT click on the link”. Surely there must be a better way of handling this?

Enrollment links by default start with the form journeyapps:///enroll or https://embark.mobi/enroll. As you mentioned, these typically open in the generic Journey container.

If you send enrollment links to users, you can replace the URL scheme with the one for your specific app, for example: xyz.appinstall.yourapp:///enroll.

Note: Windows does not like dots in the URL scheme, so the app should be configured for a URL scheme like yourapp:///enroll instead.

URL schemes are configured on a container level - contact support to get or change the URL schemes for your containers.


Hi Ralf

Thank you. That works perfectly for me.