When does the received_at value get set for a Push Notification?

I’m looking at the PN objects in my app, and some of these objects have a value in the received_at field and some don’t. When does this field get set? Does it get set by the Operating System of the client device when the PN is received?

  • This field gets set when the app receives the object
  • It gets set to the local time on the device when the Push Notification (PN) object was downloaded to the device
  • When the device syncs with the JourneyApps backend then the value will be uploaded to the PN object on the backend (which is what you would see in the data browser)

The object will be received by the app in one of two ways:

  1. A sync was triggered (docs)
  2. The app is open or sleeping and the Operating System wakes the app up when it receives the push notification