Where can I find webhook logs

I would like to see the webhook execution logs for a specific object. Where can I find that?

1) Navigate to the backend data browser for the environment where the object of interest is located.

2) In the top right corner, next to your name, click the arrow for a menu. Choose "Elevate Permissions" and provide a reason for the elevation (e.g. troubleshooting webhook for asset xyz).

3) Click the menu again and choose "Manage Webhooks". This will take you to a list of webhooks in your application.

4) Click/choose the webhook of interest. You will be taken to a view with a list of recent executions of that webhook, where you can search for a specific object in the "Find by ID" field (see below screenshot).

![Example from webhook management portal](upload://98fUL0XNZUntay1KI16h91zBng1.png)

EDIT: On the Manage Webhooks view (Item 3 from above) - you will see the health of your webhooks as below:

![Healthy Webhook](upload://ezIyrayM7g2iO5tcPRJe35dJjIR.png)

If you go to the next view, you can see the Status of individual webhook executions, where a success will be indicated by the applicable https response, as shown below:

![202 - Success](upload://9RKKhvODybKWPx3oY8lVAoWar0I.png)


What status do I expect to see to know my webhook is working?

Thanks @AntonVanZyl - added screenshots of successful executions and overall health check view.