App Update Message

When changes are deployed, users get an update prompt and upon clicking it they see a message:

Is there any way to modify the verbiage of this message (or better yet force the update in the background without user intervention)? “you may lose unsaved changes” can be a rather misleading message depending on how the app is built. It’s easy for this to cause undue concern and we want to make sure users are actually choosing to update

At the time of writing this reply, the update dialog message is not editable. All of the behavior of this update prompt is part of the standard functionality.

Another way to achieve the same outcome as forcing the update in the background would be to execute a task after you have deployed the updates of the application which forces all users to re-authenticate. When you force a user to re-authenticate the user will not lose any data on the device but will need to log in again.
To do this you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Get an array of all users in your application using the List all users API
  2. For each of the users’ sessions post to the Re-authenticate session API which will force the user to log in again. Or use the Batch Operations API to post the user/session details in a batch.

Please refer to JourneyApps Managing App Users and Sessions API documentation for more details about the API request formats and the response examples.

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