Auto-Capitalize Text-Input

Is there a way to upon opening the keyboard on mobile, automatically capitalize the first letter for a text-input component? Many applications (e.g. when drafting SMS) do this out of the box. I can imagine handling this with a javascript on-change function, but ideally it should be possible for a user to force the first letter to lower case if they really wanted to.

Hi Fletcher

When you define the datatype of a var or field to text:name then the text-input component should auto-capitilize the first letter.

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This is not working on my Android phone. I changed the type of my existing name field from “text” to “text:name”, created a new object in the app (container in test), tapped on the text-input field which is bound to the name, and my keyboard is still lower case.

Have you mocked this up successfully? Or is this a bug?

The behavior is expected. text:name will (should) auto capitalize the first character. Please see below

Let’s discuss your device’s specific behavior / bug offline.