Time Input on Mobile

The time-input of the component seemingly does not work on Mobile devices.
Is this to be expected, and if so is there an alternative available besides text-inputs

Hi @Dee

Can you share more details of the problem?

  1. Screenshot of the problem
  2. RVM
  3. Android / iOS and version

And , just clarify are you referring to the <datetime-input /> or the <edit-time /> sub-component of the <object-table /> component?

HI @tielman

That is correct, I am referring to the <datetime-input/> component.

The time-input seems to work on desktop but not on mobile. There is no response when the time cell is selected.

I am running Android 11, although some iOS user have reported the same.

Thanks for clarifying.

Definitely not intended, so looks like a bug. Usually we would handle this via support, but since we’ve started here we may as well finish.

Can you confirm the RVM and container version that you are using?

The container version I am using on Android is V21.9.2
Afraid I’m not sure what is meant by RVM…

Technically RVM stands for Runtime Version Management and is the mechanism through which you decide which Runtime version you want your app to use. So, as my colleague @ralf rightly pointed out I should have asked after your Runtime version, not your RVM.

You can change this from your App Settings panel, but there is also a shortcut in the visor in OXIDE (the visor is area/toolbar at the bottom on the screen and the options in the visor can be customized using the gear icon in the left corner of the visor) Screenshots below

Thanks for that @tielman.

I was running a relatively newer RC but upon reverting to a Stable v4.83.2 the issue seems to have resolved itself.
Thanks for the assistance in this.

Glad to hear it. Can you share which RC you found the issue in?

That would be version 4.83.0-rc+5