Behaviour difference between desktop app vs mobile app

Good day all.

We have noticed a difference between how the desktop app vs the mobile app handles values captured for a text-input component, specifically where the binding is set to a variable set up as an integer type.

We would like the users to not be able to enter a decimal value when entering values in this text-input component (even though this does get converted to a whole number once captured - it just creates confusion for the users on the front end).

On the desktop app you are restricted from entering a decimal point, but on the mobile app it does allow this character.

Is there a way that we can make the mobile handle this type of input the same way as the desktop app by setting an additional attribute on the text-input component or would we need to code additional validation logic (this needs to happen on key input not after entry please)?

Thank you.

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This appears to be a bug that I am unable to reproduce on my side. Could you please reach out to our support desk with some additional information including the runtime version and operating systems are you seeing this on (i.e., are you seeing it both on iOS and Android on mobile) so we can assist you? Thank you in advance!

Thank you for the feedback @jaimie - I’ll get the details together and forward to your support team.

I just ran into the same issue on Android and the latest runtime version 4.81.1.
Hope it will be fixed soon.

Bug report has been filed - we will let you know once it has been resolved

Thank you @tielman , much appreciated.