Do you have a crash stack trace like Firebase Crashlytics?

Would like to know if I can detect what caused a crash on the app

Hi @cjmeyer ,

We mainly have diagnostics reports that are available for developers. These reports contain metadata of the runtime and device. Diagnostics logs include internal logs generated by the runtime and related services. These reports will have to be uploaded by an app user, though. Please see the links below for more information:

We have also introduced a new microservice called “flight-recorder” that are available in runtime versions 4.84+. This allows developers to access diagnostics reports and crash reports via an API.

  • Diagnostics reports: The same as the diagnostics reports mentioned above.

  • OOM Crash reports: Crash reports are currently only used to detect “Out Of Memory” crashes on iOS devices. They are automatically uploaded when an “Out Of Memory” crash occurs. These reports contain the same information as the diagnostics reports as well as some OOM crash details. Please note that container version 21.12.1+ is a requirement for this.

Please contact us at if you are interested in using the flight-recorder API.

Please also reach out to us if the reports do not contain what you are looking for or if you need any additional information.

I have found this related idea that was submitted on our product board. Please feel free to upvote it and add your suggestions there.