User Enrollment

How can I enroll +200 users and get QR Codes in a dynamic way? I currently enroll users manually by creating the user, and getting the QR Code and send it to the user to scan it.

I need a simpler way as +200 users will take a day or 2.

Hi Sisa

In short, use SSO. This is definitely the recommend and most optimal solution to User Management for any non trivial application. It provides the most control and customization.

That said, if you must use QR codes you can do the following

  1. Create all the users in the User DB (using CSV import, integrations or manually)
  2. Download the users to CSV from the Backend
  3. Included in the CSV file will be an enrollment URL that you can use to create your own QR codes in bulk for all the users in the CSV file (these Enrollment URLs don’t expire)
  4. The QR code should just include the enrollment URL for it to work

Here is a link to a fairly easy way to generate QR codes within Google sheets. Using this method you can easily create a printable document with 200+ QR codes on it.

However, if you need to send the QR codes to each individual end user then you will want to do this programmatically using the Backend Users API. In this case I would do the following

  1. Start the same by first creating all the User objects in the DB on the Backend (CSV import, or API)
  2. Use the Users API to generate a new Authentication Token for each user in the DB
  3. The response from the API will include an enrollment URL that will be valid for 5 minutes (as is the case when using the standard Backend Enrollment UI)
  4. Generate a QR code (or just a link) from the URL and include it in an email to the User in question

You can do this from CloudCode, or just as a script that you execute locally, in both cases you will need to use the Backend Users API, it is not yet possible to interact with Enrollments / Sessions from CloudCode without using this Backend API

I hope this helps