How do I change my App's runtime version?

How do I change the my App’s runtime version?

NB: Always test your app thoroughly when changing Runtime versions

Your app’s runtime version settings can be easily accessed from the Command Palette, from the App Settings shortcut in the upper right toolbar in OXIDE or by clicking on the Runtime Version indicator in the visor in OXIDE.

Command Palette

App Settings


From the Runtime Version Settings you can choose which Track you want to use (the Stable track is the default and recommended), but you could also select to use one of the others, like the Release Candidate track, on request or recommendation from the JourneyApps support team to get access to a hotfix or test out new functionality. (Please note, in order to manage / change your Runtime version you will need to have the Runtime version control flag enabled)

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 7.49.29 AM

Once you have changed the Runtime version of your app in OXIDE you will need to deploy the change for it to take effect.