stylus to text

We need a 3rd party app that will convert what is written with a stylus to text. What app can you suggest?

Hi Bruce

Is this for a specific stylus (hardware wise) and Operating System? If so, please specify.

Can you also let me know what the expected behavior would be? Would you like to just open a text-input in the app and then instead of using the keyboard use the stylus?

@tielman I’m waiting for feedback regarding the hardware and OS. I’m thinking it would just be opening a text input and using the stylus.

@bruce-hayes Thanks for clarifying. My understanding and expectation is that most reputable stylus’s work out of the box just like that, in that it is essentially just being treated as a different keyboard input, and as such is App agnostic. In other words as far as the app is concerned, once you are on a text-input field, you should be able to just use the stylus as per usual, just like in any other app (this may require you to change your “active” keyboard or something like that)

What has your experience been with the stylus thus far? Does it work for text input in other apps but not in your JourneyApps applications?